Short & Long Hair

We cater to the needs of both men and women, and are acknowledged experts with both short and long hair cutting, and all forms of colouring and styling.

Hair Extensions

Cowboys & Angels have over 20 years experience with hair extensions. Utilising high quality European cuticle hair up to 24" long. Our stylists can create a full head of extensions in under 3 hours. Using small bonds with less shedding, the hair is mixed and bonded as needed especially for individual clients. Also, a range of specialist extension products, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments and brushes are available.
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Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Along with our usual renowned extension service, we can now offer our clients this new and innovative real hair extension system. Based on a method of bonding between the Great Lengths strand and your own hair, where the point of attachment is very similar to that of human hair. It is activated by our Great Lengths applicator and bonds the Great Lengths strand with your own hair in this way. It can, however, be easily removed by our expert..

Great Lengths - before and after
Great Lengths Hair Extensions - before & after


Gold Fever Hair Extensions

Gold Fever Hair strands are thick and luxurious, all the way down, and without the “stringy” ends regularly encountered in today’s market place. “Stringy” ends in a strand occur when the individual hairs that make up that strand are of noticeably different lengths. The word “Taper” defines the difference between the shortest and the longest hair in an individual strand. The greater the taper the less expensive is the raw material at source since large quantities of short hair would be present. The greater the amount of short hairs in a strand the more hair strands that would be needed to achieve volume at the ends. Gold Fever removes these short hairs in order to permit fabulous and luxurious volume at the ends and with less strands having to be purchased in order to achieve this. For more information visit:

Gold Fever Hair Treatment


For only an additional €20 on the cost of your chosen colour treatment, Cowboys & Angels Hair Salon is proud to be amongst the first in Ireland to offer Olaplex as a new in-salon service. This revolutionary new colour upgrade service has become a sensation amongst Hollywood’s ‘A’ celebrities and across the world. “The Holy Grail for Hair Colour”. “If a beauty company could keep chemical treatments from hurting hair, that’d really be something.” These were the thoughts of Dean Cristal, founder of Olaplex when conceiving the scientific solution for this new Wonder Product. With Dean’s and his scientists discovery, Hair Colouring, may never been the same here’s what Olaplex does: Olaplex helps rebuild the broken disulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes, particularly colouring or using thermal heated tools. Disulphide bonds are the bonds that give elasticity and strength to the hair. Use Olaplex as a pre-treatment or alongside colouring or lightening hair. This chemistry has never been seen before and opens up brand new possibilities in hairdressing colour variations. For more information visit:


All forms of hair pieces are supplied and maintained. With colouring, high-lights, low-lights and styling carried out as needed to make each individual look as authentic as the real thing.

Gift Vouchers - Available Online and In Salon

Online Voucher

We have a new style of Vouchers available. Call us on 01-679 7654, or call in to purchase, or, if you’re on the run, click on the voucher image and it will take you straight to our Online Gift Voucher Store, where you can download and print, or email an instant gift.